Brad Rogers: The Charter School Debate

The debate over charter schools has been ferocious over the past year, thanks to the Florida Legislature pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the educational alternatives and President Trump appointing a charter school icon, Betsy DeVos, as secretary of education for the nation.

Now the debate has trickled down to Marion County. A national charter school outfit sought to open a 745-student school in Silver Springs Shores, before being rebuffed by the county School Board. That raised the hackles of School Board member Nancy Stacy, who has become the champion of the charter schools hereabouts.

Stacy wrote a lengthy guest column on this page last week trumpeting the pros (and it was all pros) of charter schools. In doing so, she ridiculed our traditional public schools, not to mention our teachers, declaring that charter schools outperform public schools — a questionable position, at best — and do so much more affordably.

“Arguments locally against charter schools are irrelevant and fake news,” Stacy wrote.

Not really.

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