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Protect the Florida Retirement System

The Florida Legislature is considering dangerous changes to the Florida Retirement System that put the entire retirement system at risk.

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Stop changes to the State Group Health Insurance plan

The United Faculty of Florida opposes HB 7007, which would severely increase healthcare premiums for many university faculty and state employees in 2020. The proposal is designed to reduce state costs by establishing different levels of coverage promoted as a “choice” of plans — without addressing the root cause of increasing healthcare costs.

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Tell your legislator that students need common sense testing

Out-of–control testing in Florida is cheating our students of valuable instruction time. Tell legislators to trust the professionals who work with our students every day who know what works best when it comes to their classrooms, student learning and assessment.

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Speak Up on Institutional Racism

Institutional racism is deeply ingrained in our school system due to the flaws in our education system that don’t bridge the gaps in access and opportunity, they expand them. If we do not address this in our own schools and communities nothing will change. Our students deserve better, and we must lead the change.

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Contact Your Lawmakers

The Florida legislature is made up of local representatives who are supposed to serve YOU…not the special interests in Tallahassee. Contact your legislators and participate in creating a better future for Florida schools.

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Contact the Media

You can make a difference in your community by making your voice heard and raising awareness about our public school system and the impact it has on your children. Follow our short guide on contacting your local media.

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