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06-19 PBP

Editorial: Scott’s double-whammy against public education in Florida

With one stroke of his pen last week, Gov. Rick Scott set back progress for Florida’s public universities. And with another stroke, he did astounding damage to the state’s K-12 public schools. Nice work, Governor. In the first instance, Scott vetoed most of the policy initiatives sought by Senate President Joe Negron in hopes of catapulting Florida campuses… Read more »

06-15 TBT

Editorial: The Republican phonies assault public education

It’s no surprise Gov. Rick Scott signed into law a massive education bill Thursday at a private Catholic school in Orlando. His commitment to public education is as phony as the denials there were secret deals to preserve this gift to private schools and charter schools. Now Republican leaders in Tallahassee all claim to be… Read more »

06-05 Politico

Teachers protest education bill at Scott rally

During his Tuesday visit to Angie’s Subs in Jacksonville Beach, Gov. Rick Scott was greeted by nearly 200 teachers and demonstrators protesting a controversial education bill that they warn will imperil public schools. “Gov. Scott, don’t sign that line. Veto 7069,” protesters lined up on the sidewalk along Beach Boulevard chanted as the governor spoke… Read more »

06-12 Sun Sentinel

Florida’s broken state Legislature | Editorial

Florida citizens reasonably could wonder why they pay to keep 160 legislators in Tallahassee every year for 60 days — or longer — when the final decisions seem to be decreed by just three people. Perhaps lawmakers should simply give their proxies to the House Speaker and Senate President, then let them work out new… Read more »

06-10 TBT

Romano: Less school money from the people who brought you more school tests

The premise is simple: The state is in charge of funding for education in Florida, and so local school boards should shut up and do what they are told when it comes to policies. There’s just one problem with that: Some local districts have been providing a greater percentage of education funding than the state,… Read more »

06-10 Mia Herald

Florida public schools get more, but are still cheated after special session

Gov. Rick Scott got Visit Florida and an $85 million economic-development piggy bank. House Speaker Richard Corcoran got school reforms. Senate President Joe Negron got money to strengthen Herbert Hoover dike. And Floridians, including a lot of state lawmakers, got shut out of the process. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when legislative leaders and… Read more »

06-09 Mia Herald

‘Hollow victory?’ Some lawmakers say new K-12 spending isn’t enough

Some Democratic lawmakers on Friday criticized a new K-12 schools budget the Legislature approved for 2017-18 that would boost spending by $100 per student over this school year — calling the additional dollars a “hollow victory” and “not enough” to truly address public education. “I believe the increase is helpful but more is needed,” said Rep. Cynthia… Read more »

06-08 Mia Herald

Senator will try to defund controversial schools bill

A contentious, charter school-friendly education reform bill that has incensed traditional public school advocates — and given some in the Florida Senate feelings of buyers’ remorse — isn’t on the agenda as the Legislature meets in special session this week. But some senators will force the issue Thursday morning — by proposing to strip out most of… Read more »

06-08 TBT

Legislature’s session isn’t so special. It’s getting testy.

The impasse over the state’s public school and economic development budgets grew wider Wednesday as legislators advanced proposals so different it seemed unlikely they would resolve their differences in the three days the governor has set for their special session. In act of aggression against the Republican governor but explained as an “insurance policy” against… Read more »

06-06 TBT

Uh oh: Florida lawmakers’ special session in jeopardy before it even begins

A special session of the Legislature, intended to finalize a deal inked behind closed doors last week on education and economic development, is falling apart before it even begins. Gov. Rick Scott called state lawmakers back to Tallahassee for three days starting today with orders to do three things: boost spending per student in K-12… Read more »

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