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Editorial: Pinellas should join lawsuit challenging new state law

The Florida Legislature has been on a cynical, constitutionally dubious quest to render local school boards powerless. The most direct assault is a new state law that strips school boards of much of their authority when it comes to the creation and funding of charter schools. It’s time for the Pinellas County School District to… Read more »

06-15 TBT

HCSB to join the lawsuit against House Bill 7069

The Hamilton County School Board approved to join seven other counties in a lawsuit against House Bill 7069 at Monday night’s meeting. “Seven districts that have committed to the lawsuit,” School attorney James Willingham said. “Bay, Broward, Lee, Miami-Dade, St. Lucie, Palm Beach, and Volusia. There is indication that Pinellas and Orange county will come… Read more »

Florida State University

FSU Graduate Assistants Negotiate for More Benefits After Healthcare Cuts

Florida State University graduate assistants are negotiating for more generous benefits. The effort comes after the administration cut healthcare coverage for the children and spouses of grad assistants.  University graduate assistants are both students and teachers and that makes compensating them complicated. Adela Ghadimi heads the graduate assistants union at Florida State University and says her colleagues… Read more »

06-19 PBP

Orange school board likely to join lawsuit over divisive new Florida law

The Orange County School Board likely will join a planned lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of several sections of a controversial education law passed by the Legislature this spring. All eight members of the board expressed support for a legal challenge at a meeting Tuesday, saying they thought HB 7069 usurped the right of school boards… Read more »

05-01 TBT

The collateral damage of an ‘F’ school grade

When you’re a teacher or work in another capacity as a professional in our public schools, you hear lots of things that don’t quite ring true. “You have the summers off” is one refrain I’ve often heard. Well, this summer was far from some idyllic vacation, at least for me. In fact, there were parts… Read more »

08-11 WashPo

Are teachers professionals?

Are teachers professionals? It seems like a simple question with an obvious answer, but for years teachers have been treated by policymakers as anything but professionals. Their judgments about how to educate and evaluate children are not taken into account, and they are evaluated by measures that statisticians say aren’t valid assessment tools (such as… Read more »

08-10 HuffPo

How Charter Schools Buy Political Support

In Florida, the Miami Herald calls state ethics laws a “joke” for “failing to protect Floridians from legislators who profit from the charter-school industry in private life and have been actively involved in pushing — and successfully passing — legislation to fund for-profit private schools at the expense of public education.” The Herald names names. Representative Manny Diaz (Republican-Hialeah) serves on… Read more »

06-15 TBT

PBC school board joins suit over charter-friendly education law

Palm Beach County School Board members voted Wednesday to join at least six other Florida school boards in a lawsuit over charter school-friendly legislation passed this spring and signed by Gov. Rick Scott in June. Without discussion or debate, board members unanimously authorized joining a growing group of school boards planning to sue the state on the… Read more »

08-09 Dissent Mag

When Privatization Means Segregation: Setting the Record Straight on School Vouchers

In recent weeks, the issue of private school vouchers has taken center stage in debates over the future of American education. Policy proposals to use public funds for private school tuition vouchers have a long history, dating back to a seminal 1955 essay by Milton Friedman. Over the last twenty-five years, small voucher programs have been established… Read more »

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