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02-17 Miami Herald

DeWitt: Legislators, including Ingoglia and Simpson, attack public schools

For years, some school administrators and union leaders have said the ultimate goal of Tallahassee Republicans is to destroy traditional public education. And for just as long, it was easy to brush this off as fear-mongering or hyperbole. Not so much anymore. Not with the passage this week of the vast, messy, catch-all education bill,… Read more »

05-01 PBP

Bay District officials blast education bill

A day after the Florida Legislature narrowly passed a massive, hodge-podge $419 million education bill (HB 7069), Association of Bay County Educators President Alexis Underwood stood before the Bay District School Board and urged every parent and property owner to call Gov. Rick Scott and ask him to veto it. Underwood decried the process behind… Read more »

Veto state budget, education bill

State lawmakers flushed promises of transparency down the toilet as they rushed to pass a budget and education bill that are disastrous for public schools. In the waning hours of the 2017 legislative session, which had to be extended to Monday, the Legislature approved wide-ranging education changes that were crafted behind closed doors without proper… Read more »

04-05 Folio Weekly

A turbulent session for education

When it came to K-12 education, the Florida Legislature this session giveth, and it taketh away. Lawmakers went into overtime Monday to pass two major pieces of legislation that, if they survive Gov. Rick Scott’s veto pen, will have enormous impact on public schools. The most immediate will be the 2017-18 budget, which decreases the… Read more »

02-24 Miami Herald

Ron Littlepage: Horrible charter school bill deserves the criticism it’s getting

Preach on, Dr. Vitti, preach on. Our school superin­tendent, Nikolai Vitti, didn’t mince words when describ­ing what the Legis­la­ture did to public schools in the legislative session. In fact, he nailed it. “This bill is about power and corruption,” Vitti told the Times-Union. “It’s about anti-public accountability and anti-public schools.” Read More →

01-25 Orlando Sentinel

Gov. Rick Scott, veto education bill

Gov. Rick Scott should veto the monstrosity of an education bill the Legislature passed on Monday. We will get to what is — and isn’t — in the bill. First, consider how a few legislators produced a budget that actually cuts money for education, even though times are good. Worse, they further undercut traditional public schools, which… Read more »

04-26 PBP

Critics call for veto of massive education bill

After lawmakers ignored their calls to vote down a sprawling education bill, opponents of the wide-ranging measure have turned to Gov. Rick Scott as their last hope to stop the proposal from becoming law. It is not clear when the bill (HB 7069), which covers everything from charter schools and teacher bonuses to school uniforms… Read more »

05-09 Palm Beach Post

Scott berates budget as ‘backroom deal,’ says he could veto whole thing

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, whose priorities were largely ignored by the Florida Legislature in passing an $83 billion budget Monday night, accused lawmakers on Tuesday of acting “largely behind closed doors” and mentioned the possibility he’ll veto the entire spending blueprint. Florida governors regularly exercise line-item veto authority, but a governor hasn’t vetoed an entire budget since… Read more »


Universities get boost amid USF uproar

Florida lawmakers on Monday approved a budget that will dramatically increase university funding and student financial aid, while leaders defended a performance standard that could impact the University of South Florida. The new budget (SB 2500) will increase the Bright Futures merit scholarship program to cover 100 percent of tuition and fees for the top-performing… Read more »


Teachers union urges vetoes of K-12 schools budget, policy bill

Not even an hour after the Legislature wrapped up its work for 2017, the state’s largest teachers union called on Republican Gov. Rick Scott to veto both the K-12 public schools budget and a mammoth $419 million policy billthat was cobbled together in private in the last days of session and narrowly approved Monday. “HB 7069 was cooked… Read more »

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