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04-05 Folio Weekly

Testing Bill Shapes Up as Education Train

A bill aimed at scaling back the number of standardized tests administered in Florida passed its final Senate committee on Wednesday after picking up amendments dealing with recess and other education issues.The growth of the measure (SB 926) quickly drew complaints, even from some supporters, that it was becoming an unwieldy “train,” a term for… Read more »

04-18 Politico

Senate panel passes legislation encouraging longer school days, wraparound services in failing schools

Struggling public schools in Florida would be encouraged to extend their days by at least one hour and offer students social services, such as health care, under a new Senate proposal. The Senate budget committee that oversees pre-kindergarten to 12th grade education advanced legislation on Tuesday that would overhaul state laws governing districts’ mandatory efforts… Read more »

04-17 TBT

Large counties push back on House’s proposed $200M charter school incentive

Administrators at some of Florida’s largest school districts are speaking out in opposition to House Republicans’ $200 million “schools of hope” plan that would pit new, specialized charter schools against the districts’ perpetually failing traditional public schools. Miami-Dade County Public Schools is “actively lobbying against” HB 5105, a spokeswoman said, and Duval County schools Superintendent… Read more »

03-25 Tall Dem

FEA calls for increased Florida education funding

The Florida Education Association has launched two video ads online and in the Tallahassee market, calling on state lawmakers to improve public education funding. Deeming the state’s current situation “on the brink of a crisis,” the state’s largest teachers union uses evocative language to make its point. The group says lawmakers have starved the schools… Read more »

Kids at Desks

In new ads, teachers union calls for proper funding for public schools

The Florida Education Association is taking to the airwaves to call on lawmakers to better fund public schools. The statewide education association released two advertisements Thursday in response to several measures being advanced by the Legislature. The proposals, education officials said, would underfund public schools and harm public school students. “Students are at the center… Read more »

01-25 Orlando Sentinel

Having It Both Ways: How Charter Schools Try to Obtain Funding of Public Schools and the Autonomy of Private Schools

Since 1992, forty-two states and the District of Columbia have enacted legislation for charter schools. 1 As of December 2011, there were 5,700 charter schools educating 1.9 million students. 2 Charter schools are characterized as public schools that receive autonomy from a variety of rules and regulations that traditional public schools must follow. 3 In exchange for this increased autonomy, charter… Read more »

03-30 Miami Herald

FEA: Legislature missing the mark on education

Florida Education Association (FEA) President Joanne McCall expressed concern today that the Legislature was missing an opportunity to make positive strides on reducing standardized testing, retaining the best teachers and properly funding the state’s public schools. Speaking with reporters in the final weeks of the state’s annual legislative session, McCall said parents and educators were… Read more »


Virtual Schools Expand Despite Poor Performance, Lack of Research Support, and Inadequate Policies

Virtual Schools in the U.S. 2017, a three-part report released today by the National Education Policy Center, provides a detailed inventory of full-time virtual schools in the U.S. and their performance, an exhaustive review of the literature on virtual education and its implications for virtual school practices, and a detailed review and analysis of state-level… Read more »


Andy Madtes: What HB 11 supporters don’t get

Recently the House passed HB 11, legislation that would require labor unions representing public sector workers to certify they have more than half of the workers signed up as members every single year. In their view this will empower workers to somehow bargain better contracts and benefits and, they swear, in no way an attempt… Read more »

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