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11-26 TBT

New Florida law expected to increase conflict over textbooks

A parent in Florida is citing profanity and violence in trying to get the local school to ban Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451″ — itself a cautionary tale on the banning of books. Another wants to remove Walter Dean Myers’ “Bad Boy” for using the word “penis” and a homophobic slur. Elsewhere in Florida, some say… Read more »

11-25 TBT 03

Editorial: Anti-bullying bill is smokescreen for expanding vouchers

It sounds good on its face: Give kids in public schools who are being bullied scholarships to transfer to private schools. But as a matter of education policy, this is a myopic idea that does nothing to address structural problems that allow bullying to persist. Nevertheless, it’s one of Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s top… Read more »

11-18 News Journal

Florida’s Teacher Gap is No Mystery

Shocking news in last week’s Sun-Sentinel: Almost three months into the school year, thousands of public school students in South Florida still don’t have a permanent teacher —a problem expected to get worse as more educators flee the classroom and the number of those seeking teaching degrees plummets. Okay, not shocking. Utterly predictable, given Florida’s… Read more »

09-19 TBO

Guest Opinion: Where is the legislative accountability for their votes?

What many believe to be the most egregious legislation ever passed by the Florida Legislature disguised as an “education bill,” House Bill 7069 is set to begin wreaking havoc on Florida’s Public Schools. It is no small declaration that a number of Florida school districts, including Lee County, have filed a lawsuit challenging this awful… Read more »

11-14 OSa

Panel to weigh changes for school boards

A proposal to impose term limits on school board members will be taken up Monday as the Florida Constitution Revision Commission begins to evaluate 103 measures aimed at changing the state constitution. The term-limit measure (Proposal 43) is sponsored by Commissioner Erika Donalds, a Collier County School Board member. The amendment, if placed on the… Read more »

11-20 Sun Sentinel

Sen. Baxley files school bill to require ‘controversial’ science topics be taught in ‘balanced’ way

State Sen. Dennis Baxley, who once said controversy about evolution being taught in public schools “will never be over,” wants to make Florida school districts teach “controversial theories” in science subjects in a “balanced” manner. Baxley, R-Ocala, filed a bill Friday that would alter Florida’s academic standards in several key ways. His bill would give… Read more »

11-18 News Journal

Our View: Come clean on school tax

When Gov. Rick Scott released his budget, he made a lot of noise about the $180 million in tax cuts he was proposing. But he didn’t really mention the $534 million local property-tax increase also tucked into his budget proposal. Or rather, he did — but only by touting his “historic increases” in education funding…. Read more »


Devious Plans 2.0 – The latest plan to undermine Florida’s class-size laws

There’s a new proposal to raise teacher pay in Florida. Sounds swell. Pay here, after all, has long trailed the national average, often by about 20 percent. A recent USA Today study found Florida ranks 43rd — behind states like Georgia, Kentucky and Louisiana. It’s fine to trail Georgia or Louisiana in SEC football standings. Not in wages… Read more »

11-14 OSa

School districts ask Supreme Court to block education law

Raising the prospect of “irreversible damage” to the public-education system, nine school boards want the Florida Supreme Court to block a massive education law approved in May. The school boards late Monday filed a constitutional challenge at the Supreme Court to the bill, which has become known in the education world by the shorthand HB… Read more »

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