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06-02 TBT

Florida’s secret budget deal undermines education, public trust

Florida once served as a national model for good government. These days, the state is more like a national joke. The budget deal that Gov. Rick Scott announced Friday is lousy in terms of substance and how the deal came about. It would give public schools some temporary operating cash, but poke a long-term hole in funds… Read more »

02-24 Miami Herald

Public school advocates fearful of charter legislation

Governor Rick Scott vetoed the education funding portion of the state budget last week, asking lawmakers to contribute more funding to public schools. Governor Scott is asking for a $215 million boost to public school funding, which works out to about a $100 increase for each student. Public school advocates fear that even with an increase,… Read more »

06-05 Politico

In private calls, superintendents tell Scott they still want HB 7069 axed

Despite calling lawmakers back for a special session to increase school aid, Gov. Rick Scott got an earful this weekend during private calls with several superintendents who still want him to veto H.B. 7069, a controversial K-12 education bill that boosts charter schools, POLITICO has learned. Scott had tried to drum up support for his special… Read more »

05-05 TBT

Henderson: Tallahassee gets special session, the public gets the bill

After the budget compromise reached by Gov. Rick Scott, Senate President Joe Negron, and House Speaker Richard Corcoran, the biggest question hanging over the Legislature’s three-day special session this week is whether there is enough time for some lawmakers to grow a backbone. Only one of two things can happen. There will either be a full-blown party revolt… Read more »


Despite extra dollars for schools, controversial bill remains a concern for many

Advocates of traditional public education welcomed Gov. Rick Scott’s demand on Friday that lawmakers redo the K-12 education budget for next year and boost it with $215 million in additional spending. But school superintendents, teachers union leaders and others cautioned that those added dollars won’t be good enough if Scott intends to also sign House… Read more »

06-02 TBT

Romano: A ruse by any other name still stinks

The governor was angry. Very, very angry. We know this because he traveled the state explaining it to anyone who would listen. It was his own version of a pique behind the curtains tour. In Naples, he said legislators failed residents by coming up with a last-minute budget nobody had seen. In Lake Mary, he… Read more »

03-03 Prospect

Editorial: Florida budget deal trades cash for bad policy

Peace in Tallahassee comes at a high price. Gov. Rick Scott and legislative leaders announced Friday they have agreed to spend more money on public schools, promote tourism and rework the governor’s pet job incentives program. But the cost of this detente is too steep, with the governor poised to allow horrendous legislation to become… Read more »

School Supplies

Another $215 million for schools doesn’t go far enough, FEA complains

The Florida Education Association isn’t satisfied with Gov. Rick Scott’s and legislative leaders’ plan to pump another $100 per pupil into public education. The union also wants Scott to veto HB 7069, the Legislature’s big education package. “The gaping flaws in HB 7069 haven’t changed with this suggested increase in funding,” FEA President Joanne McCall said in a… Read more »

06-01 Tall Dem

Hanna calls for Scott to veto HB 7069

Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna is asking Gov. Rick Scott to veto key education legislation that critics say bolsters spending on charter schools at the expense of public schools. Hanna is adding his voice to the growing criticism of HB 7069 and the 2017-18 Florida Education Finance Program, which includes $419 million in funding for public… Read more »

05-31 WashPo

It’s hard to overstate how much critics hate Florida’s ‘scam’ education bill. Will the governor veto it?

It’s being called legislation by “scam” — and that’s not the worst critique of the new education bill that the Republican-dominated Florida legislature has now approved. Will Republican Gov. Rick Scott veto it, as school superintendents, school boards, public school advocates and even some Republicans are advocating? The legislation, known as House Bill 7069, was passed… Read more »

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