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08-08 Politico

Revealed in texts: Latvala’s plan’ to undermine controversial charter school law

A powerful Republican state senator considering a run for governor hasn’t been shy about his distaste for a controversial new law benefiting charter schools. But it appears he might have tried to kill it behind closed doors. Sen. Jack Latvala, chairman of the chamber’s appropriations committee, discussed a “plan” to scuttle FL HB 7069 (17R)… Read more »

04-05 Folio Weekly

Florida: The Wild West of the Privatization and Testing Industries

This spring, the Florida legislature passed and this summer Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill 7069, a school reform promoted by organizations linked to the Koch Brothers and Betsy DeVos. Florida has been a poster child for conservative ideological education reform for some time. Going beyond even the federal No Child Left Behind – or… Read more »

08-04 News and Observer

The Hidden Costs of Vouchers

When they passed the ill-conceived program to hand taxpayers’ money to lower-income people to pay for private schools for their children, Republican lawmakers didn’t bother to point out the fine print – that the $4,200 maximum might not cover expenses such as food and transportation. And it also doesn’t cover the full tuition of private… Read more »

08-03 News Day

On vouchers, the evidence is in, and it’s not good

The continued push for school vouchers, which transfer scarce taxpayer dollars out of public education and into private schools, is “a triumph of ideology over evidence that should worry anyone who wants to improve results for children.” That’s how one scholar described President Trump’s nomination of Betsy DeVos to lead the U.S. Department of Education…. Read more »

06-02 TBT

Guest Opinion: For Scott and Republicans HB 7069 and Constitution Revision Commission go hand in hand

A recent editorial in the Tampa Bay Times made some illuminating and concerning points regarding the creation of HB 7069, the so-called “education” bill signed by Gov. Rick Scott in June. The Republican leadership has come up with a new catchphrase to attempt to justify their blatant taxpayer funded giveaway to for-profit charter school corporations:… Read more »

02-23 Orlando Sentinel

Ron Littlepage: Duval School Board should join lawsuit against Legislature’s bullying tactics

Republicans in the Florida Legislature have been trying to dismantle our public school system for years now. The tactics have been varied. Budget cuts have left schools struggling to pay for things as basic as supplies. Ever-changing testing requirements have turned curricula into rote exercises, created confusion and left false impressions of schools being “failure… Read more »

02-10 TBT

Will fight to save Florida Public education spread? | Editorial

Last week the Broward County School Board approved a lawsuit against House Bill 7069. Though legislators crammed more than 50 bills into HB 7069, the Legislature passed it with almost no debate. House leaders, including those with ties to charter schools, crafted HB 7069 in the last days of the session. Despite protests from superintendents… Read more »

06-15 TBT

More charges filed over charter school fraud claims

Following the filing of racketeering and fraud charges against two Ohio men accused of siphoning public money from charter schools in six Florida counties, the charter school management company itself has been indicted on several charges. Newpoint Education Partners, LLC (“Newpoint”), which formerly managed charter schools in Escambia, Bay, Broward, Duval, Hillsborough, Pinellas Counties; and… Read more »

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