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09-19 News Journal

State must fix bonus program

The Florida Education Association’s lawsuit to stop the state’s teacher bonus program is the right opposition for the wrong reasons. The teachers union has filed a potential class-action lawsuit alleging that the “Best and Brightest” program discriminates against older and non-white teachers because it uses college entrance exams — the SAT or ACT — as… Read more »

09-18 Politico

Feds extend deadline for Florida education plan shrouded in secrecy

Federal education officials are giving the state more time to submit its plan to meet the requirements of a new federal education law — a move that will give state officials a few extra weeks to wrap up some last-minute changes under consideration that have been shrouded in secrecy. Citing the “devastation” of Hurricane Irma,… Read more »

08-04 News and Observer

Opinion: Class size matters in every grade

Here we go again. Someone dug up a study that purports to show that smaller classes after about the third grade don’t make any difference and, besides, smaller classes cost more and we we can’t afford them, and yadda yadda yadda. We’ve been through  all this before. Studied it. Argued about it. Voted on it. Decided… Read more »

FL Times Union 09-15

Some question state’s measurement of teacher effectiveness

Days before the school year started, state education officials forced Duval County Schools to remove 35 teachers from eight high-need schools. Those teachers’ so-called “VAM” scores were too low, the state said, and they shouldn’t teach at schools trying to turn around persistently low grades. The controversial move cast light on the main way Florida… Read more »

09-15 Mia Her

Does this add up? Florida teachers sue to end their own bonus pay program.

A state program that awards bonuses to top-rated teachers based on their own SAT and ACT scores from high school violates federal and state civil rights laws against employment discrimination, argues a potential class-action lawsuit filed this week by Florida’s largest teachers union and seven classroom teachers from South Florida. The Best and Brightest program… Read more »

08-09 Mia Herald

Properly fund public education

This opinion piece asks citizens to consider rethinking the rule on class size. The writers provided data supporting their viewpoint that putting an end to the class size amendment makes economic sense. The problem is that from its inception, the class size amendment was never properly funded nor implemented. In place of funding, districts have… Read more »


Opinion: DeVos visit a slap in the face to public schools

Last week, the U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, visited Leon County. During her visit, she toured several schools; all of which were what some euphemistically refer to as “non-traditional” schools or as the Democrat correctly noted, “a charter school, a voucher school, and a private school.” DeVos, a paid public employee – paid with tax… Read more »

06-02 TBT

We fight for neighborhood schools, Sublette says of lawsuit against HB 7069

Last week the Orange County School Board voted unanimously to join numerous other Florida school districts in petitioning the courts to declare recently enacted House Bill 7069 unconstitutional. The decision to join the litigation was not made lightly, and was made only after concluding that constitutional principles of a uniform, high-quality education and local control… Read more »


Teacher shortages affecting every state as 2017-18 school year begins

The 2017-18 school year has started in many places across the country, and federal data shows that every state is dealing with shortages of teachers in key subject areas. Some are having trouble finding substitute teachers, too. The annual nationwide listing of areas with teacher shortages, compiled by the U.S. Education Department, shows many districts… Read more »

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