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03-27 Miami Herald

Teacher Accountability Reforms and the Supply of New Teachers

Since 2011, 44 states have implemented major reforms to their teacher evaluation systems while five states have passed legislation that effectively eliminates tenure for teachers. While these teacher accountability reforms remain hotly debated, surprisingly little evidence exists about the effect of these reforms on the teacher labor market. Prior literature is largely limited to simulation-based… Read more »


Florida lawmakers split on how to fix school testing

Florida lawmakers could overhaul the state’s testing system this year, cutting the number of exams students take and reducing the impact it has on public schools. Or they could tweak it, shifting testing to later in the school year and studying whether national exams — such as the ACT and SAT — could in a few years… Read more »

04-08 Gadfly

Standardized Testing Creates Captive Markets

It’s easy to do business when the customer is forced to buy. But is it fair, is it just, or does it create a situation where people are coerced into purchases they wouldn’t make if they had a say in the matter? For example, school children as young as 8-years-old are forced to take a battery… Read more »

04-05 TBT

Miami lawmaker: ‘Schools of hope’ plan is ‘separate but unequal’

Miami Democratic state Rep. Kionne McGhee isn’t sugar-coating how much he dislikes House Republicans’ $200 million, “schools of hope” plan to attract high-performing charter schools to Florida that would aid students currently attending perpetually failing traditional public schools. “This bill, in my humble opinion, creates a separate but unequal system” that “runs afoul” of the state and U.S. Constitutions,… Read more »

04-05 Folio Weekly

Going for the GOLD: Talking student testing and education reform

If you thought that the Americans were fiercely competitive in the Olympics, take a look at public education. Instead of pride over sons and daughters standing astride the podium amid rising swells of the national anthem, we get an inferiority complex about how we teach our children. Of course, instead of leading the medal count,… Read more »

04-03 TBT

Senators’ homework pays off in progress on reducing student assessment tests

A sweeping plan to reduce standardized testing in Florida’s K-12 schools cleared its first state Senate committee on Monday, after lawmakers struck a compromise to blend competing reform proposals. Despite political drama last week that delayed the policy discussion, senators breezed through vetting SB 926 and passed it unanimously after considering most of the amendments… Read more »

03-30 Miami Herald

‘Union-busting’ bill passes Florida House. It’s not likely to fly in Senate.

A highly controversial measure opponents describe as “union-busting” legislation meant to target Florida public school teachers passed the Republican-led House Thursday in a near party-line vote, although it’s unlikely to have any life in the Senate. Rep. Scott Plakon, R-Longwood, said his proposal, HB 11, “provides greater transparency, democracy and accountability to public-sector labor unions,” but… Read more »


Florida Bill Could End Most Teachers’ Union Collective Bargaining

The Florida House of Representatives is set to consider a bill that would almost certainly lead to decertification of teachers’ unions across the Sunshine State. The bill is already drawing comparisons with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Act 10, which has led to the demise of over 100 public sector labor unions in that state. But while the Miami New Times… Read more »

03-29 Miami Herald

Lawmakers at odds over ‘tax increase’ to fund public schools

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran famously said “hell, no” last month to any property tax increases during the 2017 legislative session. That’s not scaring off the state Senate, though. Senators plan to test Corcoran’s hardline stance and are proposing to spend almost $540 million more than the House next year on K-12 public education by using extra… Read more »

Twitter 01

Another budget showdown looms over ‘Best & Brightest’ teacher bonuses

While both the House and Senate are interested in more than quadrupling funding to expand the “Best & Brightest” teacher bonus program next year, only the House actually proposes a dollar figure in its budget proposal. Both chambers’ education budget plans were unveiled Tuesday in advance of the full budget roll-out this week. The House plan calls… Read more »

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