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08-24 TCPalm

11 things Florida lawmakers must do to retain good teachers

The nation faces a critical teacher shortage that can only be described as self-inflicted. The real tragedy in the short term is our children will suffer without trained, qualified, professional educators — but in the long term, it is the nation that will be hard-pressed to endure. Quality public education is what sustains a democracy. In… Read more »

03-03 Prospect

More balanced and empirically robust assessments needed to estimate costs and benefits of subsidizing private school choice programs, review finds

A 2016 report from EdChoice asserted that tax credit scholarship programs through Scholarship Tuition Organizations (STOs) have saved state treasuries billions of dollars since 1998. The report analyzed savings from tax-credit scholarship programs. However, an academic review of the report questions the calculation method and claims made regarding the estimated financial savings for state governments. The report, The… Read more »

08-22 News Journal

Legal challenge to education law grows to 10 districts

Ten public school districts including Volusia County have now lined up to challenge Florida’s new charter-friendly education law. A lawsuit is expected to be filed against the state by Oct. 1. The districts represent about 1.35 million public schoolchildren, with nearby Orange County the latest to sign onto the suit, according to Michael Dyer, general… Read more »


Polk schools will join lawsuit against state over HB 7069

The Polk County School District will join school districts across Florida in a legal challenge to House Bill 7069, a controversial education-conforming law that critics say will undermine local control and expand the charter school system. The Polk School Board voted 5-0 Tuesday to spend up to $25,000 to start work on the lawsuit, joining… Read more »

06-15 TBT

Orange School Board votes to join lawsuit over new school law

The Orange County School Board voted Tuesday to join a proposed lawsuit that will challenge the constitutionality of parts of a controversial education law the Florida Legislature passed this spring. Orange’s board, which voted 8-0 to join the legal fight, is the 10th district to do so, deciding to enter the multi-school-district effort about an hour after the Polk County School… Read more »

06-23 TBT 2

Florida Legislature unconstitutional toward schools

The Florida Constitution is adopted and amended by a vote of the electorate. While the Legislature can vote to place a proposal to amend the constitution on the ballot, the amendment does not become law unless passed by the voters. The voters elect their representatives to the Legislature, which is charged with adopting bills to… Read more »


Editorial: Pinellas should join lawsuit challenging new state law

The Florida Legislature has been on a cynical, constitutionally dubious quest to render local school boards powerless. The most direct assault is a new state law that strips school boards of much of their authority when it comes to the creation and funding of charter schools. It’s time for the Pinellas County School District to… Read more »

06-15 TBT

HCSB to join the lawsuit against House Bill 7069

The Hamilton County School Board approved to join seven other counties in a lawsuit against House Bill 7069 at Monday night’s meeting. “Seven districts that have committed to the lawsuit,” School attorney James Willingham said. “Bay, Broward, Lee, Miami-Dade, St. Lucie, Palm Beach, and Volusia. There is indication that Pinellas and Orange county will come… Read more »

Florida State University

FSU Graduate Assistants Negotiate for More Benefits After Healthcare Cuts

Florida State University graduate assistants are negotiating for more generous benefits. The effort comes after the administration cut healthcare coverage for the children and spouses of grad assistants.  University graduate assistants are both students and teachers and that makes compensating them complicated. Adela Ghadimi heads the graduate assistants union at Florida State University and says her colleagues… Read more »

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