Parents against high-stakes tests deliver clown noses to state leaders

A group of parents opposed to high-stakes testing in Florida schools say they are delivering red clown noses to state leaders today in Tallahassee. Their “smell the baloney” campaign aims to draw attention to what they call the state’s flawed school accountability system.

“We want a fair and valid education accountability system that holds not only schools and teachers accountable, but policy makers, as well. We think our current system is accountabaloney and we are inviting policy makers to join us in our campaign to call out the baloney when you smell it,” said Sue Woltanski, a Monroe County parent and co-founder of the education blog “Accountabaloney,” in a statement.

The parents think Florida unwisely uses standardized test scores to judge students, teachers and schools, resulting in “a significant narrowing of curriculum with some schools feeling little more than test preparation factories.”

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