Guest Opinion: For Scott and Republicans HB 7069 and Constitution Revision Commission go hand in hand

A recent editorial in the Tampa Bay Times made some illuminating and concerning points regarding the creation of HB 7069, the so-called “education” bill signed by Gov. Rick Scott in June.

The Republican leadership has come up with a new catchphrase to attempt to justify their blatant taxpayer funded giveaway to for-profit charter school corporations: the money should “follow the student.” Except it doesn’t; it ends up in for-profit corporate accounts, while public school districts must subsidize charters in new and unprecedented ways beyond just student funding. As Tallahassee attorney Ron Meyer points out, the Florida Constitution calls for the state to create a “uniform, efficient, safe, secure and high-quality system of free public schools that allows student[s] to obtain a high quality education.” Meyer clarifies that the state is required “to fund a system, not the children.” He points out that this bill is “ripe for a challenge,” specifically a legal challenge, as has resulted with so much of the partisan education legislation since Scott took office.

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