Romano: Be Prepared to Fight if You Believe in Public Schools

There’s a war on the horizon, and you had better be prepared.

Right now, it’s confined to courtrooms and back rooms, but there are warning signs that it may soon spill into neighborhoods and homes. And if that sounds melodramatic, I’ll gladly plead guilty.

Because America’s public schools are that important.

And their future may soon be at considerable risk.

Donald Trump has tapped billionaire Betsy DeVos as his education secretary, which is sort of like putting a vegetarian in charge of the Cattlemen’s Association. DeVos has zero interest, or experience, in dealing with public school education, and instead has been a zealous advocate for the privatization of schools.

Couple that with the Florida Legislature’s lust for charter schools and vouchers, and House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s recent description of the teachers’ union as “evil,” and it’s not that hard to envision even more tax dollars being diverted from public schools.

And that’s why you should be paying attention.

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