Teachers are leaving the profession at a record rate; 2 locals explain why

(St. Augustine Record)

After spending 11 years in the Navy, Emily DaBruzzi started working for the St. Johns County School District more than six years ago. Everything started off fine. DaBruzzi was named Rookie Teacher of the Year at two different schools, she loved the kids she taught and was regularly rated “highly effective,” the highest possible teacher rating.

But in October, just two months into the current school year, she resigned from Palm Valley Academy where she was a fifth-grade language arts and social studies teacher.

“I resigned before I even had another position,” DaBruzzi, 36, said in a phone interview Friday. “It was hard because you don’t want to leave kids in the middle of the school year and I did. But it just got to be so bad. My own family was suffering.”

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