New voucher bills lack reason — and law

Two issues this year are clearly in the Republican-led sights for a quick kill or a slower death.

What kind of state do we live in where Public Enemies No. 1 and 2 are home rule and public schools?

We’ve ranted, and maybe raved a little, about the effort on several different fronts to make all laws at the local level subject to legislative oversight.

We’ve written for years about the problems with charter schools. We’ve dedicated a lot of ink to the continuing efforts by the Legislature to choke the public school system out of existence, by rolling back property tax revenue for schools. School districts such as ours finally resort to local referenda — asking county voters to tax themselves in order to build enough schools for the bulging population.

So, not to be outfoxed, legislators this year are pushing through a new bill designed to make local tax referenda nearly impossible to accomplish. With that route blocked, Tallahassee has public schools right where it wants them.

The killing blow, though, are two bills moving quickly through the House and Senate that will set aside some $10 million this year for private school vouchers — with an automatic increase year after year. — Editorial, St. Augustine Record

New voucher bills lack reason — and law