CRC: Another dirty trick that will hurt our local public schools

Tallahassee politicians fooled voters once with the lottery amendment. They fooled voters twice with the class size amendment.  Now politicians in Tallahassee are trying to fool voters again into giving up control of our local public schools.

The latest scheme is being proposed by the Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC). The CRC is a commission created by the Florida Constitution. It is appointed every 20 years to present potential changes to voters. The Governor, House Speaker and Senate President appoint the overwhelming majority of the 37 commission members.

Enter your address below to contact the members of the CRC TODAY. Tell them they should be ashamed of this attempt to trick voters into giving up control of local schools and local tax dollars!

Tallahassee politicians are trying to hurt our public schools. This proposal would change the state Constitution to allow a new appointed, unaccountable state board to create new charter schools whenever and wherever they want. Your local elected school board won’t be able to approve them, run them or supervise them – but you can bet your tax dollars will fund them! This amendment creates competing systems of public schools which will mean chaos for our local public school system AND cost taxpayers twice as much.

Why are they advocating for this idea? So that private for-profit charter companies can drain even more tax money from our public schools and put it into their pockets. It’s a massive power grab by Tallahassee and for-profit charter companies.

CRC Revision #3 is intentionally deceptive. It would:

  • Remove control of our public schools from the school boards we elect.
  • Give decision-making power over local schools to a board of politicians in Tallahassee.
  • Drain more tax dollars from our local schools.
  • Hand our local education dollars to for-profit charter companies.
  • Enrich Tallahassee politicians who already pocket money from private charter companies.

Tell Rick Scott and his appointees on the Constitution Revision Commission that you won’t be fooled!

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