Take Action: Vote NO on HB 25, the anti-union bill that silences the voices of Florida’s educators

HB 25 is the latest in a long line of attempts to take away workers’ rights by decertifying public unions whose membership falls below an arbitrarily set percentage.

The bill is particularly ugly because it is clearly aimed primarily at silencing the voices of Florida’s teachers and education staff professionals — stripping them of their ability to speak up for their students’ learning conditions.

HB 25 is a shameful misuse of government power to limit participation and silence certain groups of employees, including our public school employees, while exempting others.

The Florida House passed HB 25 earlier this week. Stay tuned for the next update in the fight against this anti-union legislation.

This politically motivated legislation is a solution looking for a problem that doesn’t exist in Florida.

Some additional information about HB 25:

  • This bill is unnecessary and potentially costly to school districts. We hope the Legislature will focus on creating jobs, not silencing dissent and using the power of government to single out and attack the hard-working men and women who serve our students and our public schools every day.
  • Florida is a right-to-work state where union membership or payment of dues cannot be required. Teachers and other school employees choose to participate – no one can be forced to join.
  • The Florida Constitution also gives teachers and other public employees the right to join a union to give them a voice regarding wages and working conditions. This measure is nothing more than an attempt to limit that right.
  • This voice is critical because our members’ working conditions are our students’ learning conditions. You cannot separate the two.