Take Action: Retain Good Teachers; Vote NO on SB 856

All students deserve a caring, qualified and committed teacher. Treating teachers as valuable and respected professionals with job security is in the best interest of our students.

SB 856 — the companion bill to HB 373 — threatens superintendents’ ability to offer job stability to highly effective and effective teachers. The bill interferes with local decision making by prohibiting the school districts and local unions from providing any annual contract teacher job stability based upon teachers’ performance evaluations.

It just doesn’t make sense to dismiss a teacher who has been rated effective or highly effective. Yet it happens every year. Retaining good teachers to create and maintain a stable school environment for our students should be a top priority in our public schools.

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Florida has a teacher retention and recruitment problem. Awarding some sort of job stability to high performing teachers is a tool that superintendents and districts use to attract and retain high-quality teachers. Teachers have little rights to due process. Teachers can be dismissed for any reason or no reason at all. It is only reasonable to expect that teachers receiving highly effective or effective ratings with no other cause for dismissal would be renewed.