Calling all defenders of public education

Folks, this is serious. Public education needs you.

We believe that all of Florida’s children should have the opportunity to get a world-class education in a well-funded neighborhood public school — with a roof that doesn’t leak and an A/C system that works, where kids learn in a safe, nurturing environment with qualified teachers and staff, where our students have the resources they need for success.

Sign up NOW for FEA Action Alerts. Together, we will defend public education!

Sign up NOW for FEA Action Alerts. Together, we will defend public education!

Under Gov. Ron DeSantis and incoming legislators’ plans for education, we have serious concerns that our students stand to lose.

We’re hearing a lot about “choice” — a code word for draining tax dollars from our neighborhood public schools to fund private schools and charters.

We have not heard one word about increasing funding and support for our neighborhood public schools.

Meanwhile, our state ranks 44th in the nation in education spending. We are 45th in teacher pay and 47th in pay for our education staff professionals, our higher education members continue to experience stagnant salaries, and our schools are facing an unprecedented teacher shortage. Nearly 200,000 students are in a classroom without a well-prepared, certified teacher.

Our leaders must invest in our public schools, our students and educators.

Please stand with us. When we stand together, our students win — and so does Florida.

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