URGENT: Tell Gov. Scott to veto HB 7069

Our schools and our students are pawns in a political game that no one should tolerate.

HB 7069 has been called a “scam,” a “train wreck,” and a “patched-together mess,” a “gut punch” to our schools, a “piece of junk,” a “litany of bad ideas” and even a “fraud upon the state.” Worst of all it will hurt the students it so piously claims to help.

This disaster is House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s education priority. He could not get his education agenda passed without making backroom deals and using sleight-of-hand shenanigans. It’s just that bad.

The 278-page bill includes provisions that had not been thoroughly vetted through the legislative process. Some of these provisions had even been voted down in committee!

Don’t let lawmakers get away with manipulating our legislative process. Don’t let them devastate our public schools.

Enter your address below to contact the Governor and tell him VETO HB 7069:

HB 7069 — negotiated in secret behind closed doors — cynically ties popular changes like more recess, elimination of some tests and optional use of the VAM to yet another sketchy teacher bonus scheme and an education budget that won’t even come close to meeting the needs of our students.

Among other things, this bill:

  • Strips local school districts of spending flexibility, reducing their ability to effectively address student needs.
  • Creates another hollow teacher bonus scheme tied to the faulty evaluation system — instead of funding pay raises for all education employees.
  • Allows charter schools to take Title I funds from traditional public – which will lead to cuts at the schools that can least afford them.

Don’t let lawmakers get away with manipulating our legislative process and devastate our public schools. Tell Governor Scott to VETO 7069.

Legislative leaders promised voters that the legislative process would be “transparent.” This process was anything but transparent! Even more despicable, they included these “sweeteners” in the bill attempting to tie the hands of legislators — forcing them to vote to either pass or fail the bill with no opportunity to amend or change it during the final vote.

Don’t let them get away with manipulating our legislative process and devastating our public schools. Tell Governor Scott that our students deserve better! Contact him today and tell him to VETO HB 7069.