Take Action: Stop HB 7069, the so-called “new Best and Brightest” bonus plan

On Wednesday, March 29 at 11:30am the House Appropriations Committee will hear HB 7069 – this year’s version of Best and Brightest Teachers bonus program.

Enter your address below to tell your legislator you oppose this ill-conceived and insulting legislation — and you want them to VOTE NO on HB 7069:

Note: Right now we’re just contacting members of the House Appropriations Committee. So if you get a message saying “The address entered doesn’t fall into this campaign’s selected area” it just means your rep is not on the House Appropriations Committee. Thank you though for taking action for every student, every school, every day!
  • We cannot ignore that Florida’s teachers are underpaid and should not have to jump through hoops to earn a salary that is considerably less than the national average.
  • Proven programs that actually attract and retain great teachers, such as loan forgiveness and scholarships for aspiring teachers, teacher residencies, strong mentoring, peer assistance and review and National Board certification are not being funded;
  • A bonus based upon a high school test score, likely taken at 17 or 18, will not help our students have access to great teachers. There is no evidence showing that good test takers make good teachers.

Read and share With teachers fleeing, Florida must start listening, an op-ed written by Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel.

What does the bill do?

  • lowers the qualifying assessment score threshold from the 80th percentile to the 75th percentile based on the National Percentile Ranks in effect when the classroom teacher took the assessment;
  • allows a teacher to qualify based on a test score at the 70th percentile or higher if he or she has earned a baccalaureate degree with a Latin honor designation of cum laude or higher;
  • recognizes other national, standardized assessments that measure cognitive ability in lieu of the SAT or ACT (the LSAT, GRE, GMAT, and MCAT); and
  • allows teachers to satisfy the highly effective rating requirement based solely on their VAM score calculated by the DOE.
  • creates the Best and Brightest Principal Scholarship Program. A principal may receive a scholarship award, as determined in the General Appropriations Act, if:
    • he or she has served as principal at the school for at least the last 2 consecutive school years; and
    • the faculty at his or her school has a ratio of best and brightest teachers to other classroom teachers that is at the 80th percentile or higher, statewide, for that school type (elementary, middle, high, or combination).