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What about traditional public schools? State teacher’s union fights back over voucher programs

With the governor and Republican-led Legislature pushing to expand state voucher programs for kids to attend private schools, the Florida Education Association is fighting back. The statewide teacher’s union has launched what’s called a “Fund Our Future” broadcast and digital ad campaign to promote public education and neighborhood schools, saying traditional public schools face obstacles… Read more »

Critics question value of foundation’s school choice survey

(Tampa Bay Times) A survey released Friday touting strong support of Florida’s school choice options from the Foundation for Excellence in Education – the state’s most prominent school choice proponent established by former Gov. Jeb Bush – has drawn heavy criticism from public school advocates and organizations, who contend the release is misleading at best…. Read more »

Editorial: Bonus is nice, but raise is better

Yet, there is no escaping Florida’s national ranking on teacher salaries — something that is being blamed, in part, on the growing teacher shortage — there are more than 2,200 teaching openings statewide. Statewide, the average teacher salary is $48,651. Nationally, it is $60,483.

Florida Bill Could Force Public Teacher Pay Raises to Go to Charter Schools, Union Warns

In 2018, Miami-Dade County residents passed a ballot initiative that gave a $232 million pay raise to public schoolteachers. … Last Thursday, North Florida State Sen. Travis Hutson filed S1028, a bill that would give the state control over how “local funding approved by voter referendum” is apportioned. The provision applies to Florida Statute 1022.33… Read more »

DeSantis: Use Trump tax plan to expand charter schools

Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to leverage a tax incentive championed by President Donald Trump to launch a five-fold expansion of charter schools in the state. Some 250 Florida communities could be candidates for the new charter schools under the DeSantis plan. The DeSantis budget proposed linking the state‘s Schools of Hope program to federal “opportunity zones”created by… Read more »

Ingram: How we can help our students succeed

Fedrick C. Ingram, answers five questions about what Florida Education Association would like to see for our schools and our children. What should parents and our communities know about our schools? I want you to know that the members of the FEA — the teachers, the bus drivers, the paraprofessionals, office staff, cafeteria workers —… Read more »

DeSantis plan: FL families could be well over poverty threshold and still get public dollars for private school

(Florida Phoenix) Gov. Ron DeSantis’s proposed school voucher expansion across Florida is not targeted specifically for poor families – which have historically been beneficiaries of the programs that allow students to attend private schools with public dollars. New details emerging about the governor’s “Equal Opportunity Scholarship Program” — proposed last week — show students could… Read more »