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Target Practice Should Not Be Part of the Curriculum

(Fedrick Ingram, South Florida Sun Sentinel) As part of my preparation to become a Florida classroom teacher, I studied my subject area — music — backward and forward. I learned best practices for classroom management and tools for writing and grading assignments along with other pedagogical pursuits. Target practice? Not part of my curriculum.

Improvements to schools require funding

(Editorial, Gainesville Sun) During the campaign, Gov. Ron DeSantis took positions on education that were pure Republican red meat, mixed with a little wishful thinking. He vowed to expand school choice while slashing administrative costs, pay teachers more while streamlining performance-based incentives, and taking aim at Common Core benchmarks for curriculum and student progress. DeSantis… Read more »

Teachers are leaving the profession at a record rate; 2 locals explain why

(St. Augustine Record) After spending 11 years in the Navy, Emily DaBruzzi started working for the St. Johns County School District more than six years ago. Everything started off fine. DaBruzzi was named Rookie Teacher of the Year at two different schools, she loved the kids she taught and was regularly rated “highly effective,” the… Read more »

Florida’s school grades ignore too many groups of students

(Editorial, Tampa Bay Times) Most everybody knows Florida public schools get a letter grade based in large part on how well their students do on standardized tests, whether it’s how many are working at grade level or whether the school’s lowest-achieving students are making adequate progress. But that letter grade doesn’t take into account key… Read more »

Florida ranks No. 3 for the most student debt

(Tampa Bay Times) Florida ranks No. 3 for the highest amount of student loan debt, according to a new analysis by Experian. Floridians had $89.4 billion in student loans for the third quarter of 2018, up 177 percent from the same quarter in 2008. … California had the highest overall amount of student debt in… Read more »

Lawmaker seeks tweak to Florida retirement laws, to help with teacher shortfall

(Jeffrey S. Solochek, Tampa Bay Times) Florida’s teacher shortage has been well documented and growing. It has come at a time when national data show educators quitting the profession at the highest rate in years. A Sarasota Democrat hopes to ease the resulting burden school districts face with a simple tweak to state retirement laws…. Read more »

Stoneman Douglas commission calls for arming teachers, more school security spending in first report to state leaders

(South Florida Sun Sentinel) The state commission investigating the Parkland school shooting unanimously approved a tough final report Wednesday that puts the responsibility for reform on school districts, law enforcement agencies, Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis and state legislative leaders. The 458-page report by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission addresses the cascade of… Read more »

Legal Battle Continues Over Controversial Florida Education Law Designed to Boost Charter Schools

More than 18 months after legislators passed a controversial education law pushed by then-House Speaker Richard Corcoran, attorneys for the state and 11 county school boards are continuing to battle in court about whether the measure violates the Florida Constitution. Attorneys for the state this week filed a 100-page document at the 1st District Court… Read more »

Education fault lines separate Florida House, Senate

A fight over education policy is brewing at the Capitol. It pits supporters of traditional public schools against advocates for more school choice. With new leaders in place, the Florida House and Senate will be the battleground for the contest over the state’s educational future. Each chamber will have its own distinct ideas about how… Read more »

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