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Lawsuit Challenges Education Amendment on Florida Ballot

A constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would allow charter school organizers to bypass local school boards to get approval is “intentionally misleading” because it doesn’t directly explain to voters that the amendment is designed to circumvent local control and intentionally leaves out the word “charter,” a lawsuit filed Thursday in Leon County Circuit… Read more »

Florida Teachers Sue Over ‘Union Busting’ Law: Report

Local teacher organizations and individual teachers have joined the Florida Education Association in suing the state over changes to its “union busting” law on Monday, the Tampa Bay Times reported. “We’re not feeling defeated. We’re feeling angry and we’re ready to do something about it. We’re tired of being the target of legislators,” Melissa Rudd,… Read more »

Florida Influencers: Teacher Pay Ranks As Top Education Issue of 2018

Raising salaries for the tens of thousands of K-12 public school teachers across Florida is the most pressing education issue political candidates running for office in 2018 should focus on. That’s according to the latest survey of the Florida Influencers — a group of 50 of the state’s leading voices in the political, business, academic… Read more »

Florida Education Association Asks Politicians To Take Pledge To Increase Wages

Florida’s public school teachers’ yearly income is ranked the 45th worst nationally. That’s according to a poll by the National Education Association. The census also found the average teacher salary in Florida has decreased in the past decade by 12 percent. In response to these statistics, the Florida Education Association is asking state politicians to… Read more »

Should More of Martin County’s Wealth Trickle Down to Teachers? | Gil Smart

Casey Swift, a media specialist at Bessey Creek Elementary School, told the Martin County School Board Tuesday her husband aspired to be a teacher. “But instead of cheering him on,” she said, “I was suddenly horrified as I imagined what that would mean for our family.” Specifically: A big pay cut. So while her husband… Read more »

Protestors Rally In Hialeah Against New Law That Threatens Teachers’ Unions

Public education activists rallied on Monday morning against a new Florida law that threatens the existence of teachers’ unions. Standing in rain across the street from Hialeah Gardens city hall, representatives of the United Teachers of Dade denounced House Bill 7055, which requires that half of all teachers eligible to be members of a teachers’… Read more »

Florida School Officials Seek Clarity on Rules for Private-School Scholarships to Bullied Students

Now that private-school scholarships for bullied Florida students are a reality, public school district leaders want to know exactly who will qualify for the available funds. They made clear Wednesday their concerns that the program could be ripe for abuse by families more interested in getting vouchers than in protecting  children who really were victimized…. Read more »

Florida Teachers Union Grades Lawmakers on Education Issues

The Florida Education Association, a consistent critic of Florida Republican education policy, has joined the growing list of organizations issuing lawmaker grades as a way to influence the political debate ahead of elections. Its marks, released late Monday, are unsurprisingly the nearly exact opposite of those put out by Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Florida’s Future… Read more »

Pasco Teachers Union Nears 50 Percent Threshold in New State Certification Law

Aiming to offset a new, more stringent state law governing teacher union rights, the United School Employees of Pasco launched a recruiting drive. Its goal: To get more than half of all eligible teachers to join before it has to renew its annual registration with the state. That’s the measuring stick lawmakers adopted in the spring,… Read more »

No Picket Signs in Florida. Use Ballots to Help Schools. | Randy Schultz

Teachers in five states have walked out in recent weeks. Would a strike happen in Florida? Probably not. But could education become a key political issue this year? It should. In West Virginia, teachers got a 5 percent raise after striking for two weeks. West Virginia, though, is one of 15 states in which the… Read more »

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