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Parkland Shooting Weighs Heavy on Florida Education Debate, Influencing Major School Choice Package HB 7055

The Florida Senate Education Committee unanimously passed the House’s mega school choice package bill on Tuesday, but not before it made some major changes influenced by the Parkland shooting that left 17 people dead less than one week ago. The shooting loomed over even seemingly unrelated issues like teachers’ unions, showing that nearly every aspect of… Read more »

Florida Education Association Trashes Corcoran’s ‘Anti-Union’ Education Bill

The state’s largest teachers’ union is taking aim at a massive education bill making its way through the Florida House of Representatives, saying the sweeping legislation would “starve” Florida schools and cause students to suffer. On Monday, the Florida Education Association launched a 30-second digital ad attacking HB 7055, the House’s 200-page omnibus education bill which lays out… Read more »

Under House Budget Plan, No Public School Funding Without Corcoran Education Bill

A budget proposal that is advancing in the Legislature would make next year’s funding for Florida’s public schools contingent on the passage of Republican House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s chief education priority: a new voucher directing taxpayer dollars to private schools. The House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday adopted a spending plan that would allocate about $8.3 billion in… Read more »

House Plugs More Money Into ‘Hope Scholarship’ Bill

A House education budget panel Tuesday modified the proposed “Hope Scholarship” bill, FL HB1 (18R), to provide more money to the program. One of the biggest changes would up the amount someone can contribute to the program. The scholarships, which would help pay private-school tuition for students who’ve faced bullying or abuse in public schools, would… Read more »

Romano: Be Prepared to Fight if You Believe in Public Schools

There’s a war on the horizon, and you had better be prepared. Right now, it’s confined to courtrooms and back rooms, but there are warning signs that it may soon spill into neighborhoods and homes. And if that sounds melodramatic, I’ll gladly plead guilty. Because America’s public schools are that important. And their future may… Read more »

Florida Constitution Committee Keeps Alive an Education Surprise

Proposals to ask voters in November to expand vouchers and school choice were given a predicted green light Friday as a key committee of the Florida Constitution Revision Commission moved forward in what is a top priority of Florida’s Republican leaders. The biggest school choice victory of the day was the unanimous vote of the… Read more »

Florida House Moves Forward with Major Education Bill

Looking to continue expanding school choice, the House Education Committee on Thursday approved a wide-ranging proposal that includes offering a new type of “scholarship” for public-school students who are struggling to read in third grade. The 109-page bill deals with numerous issues, including changes that could help charter-school operators and a proposed expansion of a pilot program… Read more »

Florida Senate panel backs scholarships for bullied students

Students who are victims of bullying or sexual harassment would be eligible for voucher-like scholarships to attend private schools under a bill approved Monday by the Senate Education Committee.Sen. Bill Galvano, a Bradenton Republican who is sponsoring the legislation (SB 1172), said the “Hope Scholarship” program is designed to “empower” families when they find their… Read more »

Schools of Hope moves forward to allow charters near struggling district schools

he Florida Board of Education unanimously approved a rule on Wednesday opening the door for private nonprofits to apply to receive millions in state funding to operate charter schools near low-performing public schools, called “Schools of Hope.” The rule establishes a process for a nonprofit group to become an operator of the charter schools. The “Schools of Hope” program… Read more »

House Panel Suggests Some School Voucher Changes

Florida private schools that take state vouchers would face new rules under proposed legislation the Florida House education committee is slated to review this morning. The proposals would require state officials, for example, to visit all private schools before they are eligible to take one of Florida’s vouchers, or school scholarship programs, and would require… Read more »

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