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Flagler Schools Prepares for Possible Shutdown of Palm Harbor Academy

Several days before the Florida Standards Assessments began near the end of the school year, 13 third-grade students suddenly transferred from the Palm Harbor Academy charter school to a newly created private school on the same school campus, run by Palm Harbor Academy governing board chairman the Rev. Gillard Glover. With one exception, all of… Read more »

Local Activist Group to Protest Charter School Before Board Vote

A local education activist group plans to protest outside of Sarasota County Schools’ administrative headquarters Tuesday afternoon in advance of a school board vote on a charter school applicant with ties to a controversial academic service provider. The group, Protect Our Public Schools, sent an email to their members Sunday asking them to gather for… Read more »

Troubled Agape Christian Academy Kicked Out of Voucher Programs for 10 Years

Agape Christian Academy and its leaders will not be allowed to receive voucher money for 10 years,the state Department of Education ruled Friday in affirming an earlier decision to remove the troubled Pine Hills school from the programs — and putting the future of the campus in jeopardy. Last August, the department banned the school… Read more »

Turning Teacher Appreciation Week Into a Call To Action | Opinion

This week we honor teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. People in the USA began celebrating National Teacher Day in 1953 when then First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded Congress to set aside a day to celebrate and recognize the importance of educators. I would like to begin by thanking the teachers who have educated my three… Read more »

Teachers Can’t Afford 91 Percent of the Homes in Miami, New Study Says

There’s a reason why people are seriously considering having Miami teachers live at school. Miami area teachers can now only afford 9 percent of area homes, according to new data from Trulia. That’s down 9.7 percentage points in just one year, thanks to a 5.9% decrease in overall teacher wages, according to the latest Bureau… Read more »

School Districts Struggle to Comply With New Law. They’re Short of Cash and Cops.

In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting and the state’s new law that requires armed security on every campus, some superintendents worry districts will now be competing for the same personnel. For the 2016-17 school year, Florida’s Department of Education counted about 1,500 officers. But there’s more than twice as many public schools — about… Read more »

National School Walkout Renews Calls for Gun Safety

Students from more than 2,500 schools across the country will stream out of class Friday as part of a National School Walkout to demand action on gun reform. The event also marks the anniversary of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre in Colorado in which two gunmen killed 12 students and a teacher. In the… Read more »

Superintendents Urge Florida Legislative Leaders to Include Education Funding in Any Special Session

Talk that the Florida Legislature might reconvene for a special session on gambling has prompted the state’s school district leaders to advocate that education funding be included on any legislative call to order. Broward County schools superintendent Robert Runcie sent House and Senate leaders a letter last week, asking they “address critical funding challenges facing public education”… Read more »

Voters Will Decide If Charter Schools Can Bypass Local School Board to Get Approval

The might of Florida’s powerful charter school industry was on display Monday as the panel charged with proposing amendments to the state constitution put before voters a “game changing” proposal to expand charter schools while rejecting another idea that would have made it easier for traditional schools to compete with them. After nine hours of… Read more »

Three Education Ideas in One Proposed Florida Constitutional Amendment Earns Negative Reviews

In the Florida Legislature, the act of lumping several unrelated ideas together in one bill is called logrolling, and it’s generally frowned upon. In the vicennial Florida Constitution Revision Commission, it’s allowed. And commissioners are taking that liberty on several measures, including three that they’re recommending be combined into one education question (P6003). The proposal,… Read more »

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