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Referendum to Raise Miami-Dade Teachers’ Salaries Overwhelmingly Passes

Miami-Dade voters on Tuesday night overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure that would increase homeowners’ property tax to give pay raises to teachers and bolster school security. Referendum 362, which passed with 71 percent of voters’ approval, would raise the average Miami-Dade homeowner’s tax bill by about $142 per year, raising $232 million per year for… Read more »

Watchdog Organization Questions Florida’s Charter School Closure Rate

A national group that investigates what it deems corruption that undermines democracy is calling attention to the high rate of charter school closures in Florida. The Wisconsin-based Center for Media and Democracy has issued data showing that since 2000, 491 of 1,091 Florida charter schools have closed their doors. That’s 38 percent, which is 7 points higher… Read more »

School Referendum Affects a Lot More Than Schools

You’ve probably seen the green “Vote YES for Success” logo all over Charlotte County. But why? The truth is: Charlotte County Public Schools is in dire straits — and that’s a problem for more than just the educational climate. Unfortunately, as a community’s school system goes, so does the rest of the community, academically, socially… Read more »

Miami-Dade Schools Wants to Raise Taxes to Pay Teachers. How Much Will They Get?

The Miami-Dade School Board last week spent nearly four hours in a closed-door session discussing strategies regarding salary negotiations with unions as well as how to divide the $232 million it hopes to raise should a property tax referendum pass Nov. 6. More than a week later, those discussions have come to light: Board members… Read more »

Florida ‘Best and Brightest’ Bonus Lawsuit Heads to Mediation

A year-old case contending Florida’s “Best and Brightest” teacher bonus program discriminates against educators of a certain age or race is headed to mediation in November. The complaint focuses on the part of the 2015 program that relies upon  college entry exam scores, which many teachers — particularly those who entered the profession through a community… Read more »

Florida Supreme Court Strikes Amendment 8 From November Ballot

The state Supreme Court charged into Florida’s long-running battle over school choice Friday by removing a ballot measure that would have wrested control of charter schools from local districts and given it to the state. Justices, in a narrowly divided 4-3 decision, upheld the decision by a lower court that Amendment 8, scheduled to appear on the… Read more »

Florida Justices Ask Pointed Questions During Hearing on Amendment 8

Florida Supreme Court justices poked holes in both sides of an ongoing debate whether to place Amendment 8 back on the November ballot during a 45-minute hearing Wednesday afternoon. They didn’t issue a ruling, but one is expected soon. Leon County Judge John Cooper removed the controversial measure two weeks ago, finding its title and summary… Read more »

Request Denied: Florida Supreme Court Won’t Hear Challenge of Six Proposed Amendments

Without comment, the Florida Supreme Court has rejected former chief justice Harry Lee Anstead’s request for oral arguments to challenge six proposed constitutional amendments, including Amendment 8. Anstead and former Elections commissioner Robert Barnas have contended the six measures are unconstitutionally bundled. The items include more than one proposal, tied together under an umbrella such as… Read more »

Battle Over Confusing Education Amendment Wording Goes to Florida Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court will decide if a proposed constitutional amendment about who controls charter schools will make it onto the November ballot. A Leon County judge ordered Amendment 8, which would let the state of Florida oversee charter schools, to be cut from the ballot Monday because of misleading wording. The League of Women… Read more »

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