State Board Listens to Educators and Lowers Fees!

Thanks to the State Board of Education and the diligent advocacy of our members and staff, many educators will soon pay less to take or retake Florida Teacher Certification Exams.

At its meeting in Tallahassee on Tuesday, the State Board of Education approved a rule change that reduces fees for re-taking tests, prorates fees for multi-part exams such as the General Knowledge test, and lowers fees overall for subject-area tests.

Under the new fee schedule, a teacher retaking a single subtest in the General Knowledge Test will pay $32.50 instead of $150. Find the new fees here.

We spoke up, and the Florida Department of Education listened.

Vanessa Skipper, vice president of the Brevard Federation of Teachers and a member of the FEA Executive Cabinet, thanked the board for its action at the meeting Tuesday. “This is one positive step in the direction of retaining great educators,” she said, adding that increasing salaries remains crucial to improving recruitment and retention.

Let’s keep speaking up — our actions are paying off. Together, we are making a difference for our students, public schools and educators.