Week 5: We’ve reached the midpoint of session!

We’ve reached the midway point of the 2019 legislative session. Things will really start to ramp up, and your voice is needed now more than ever.

Below is a brief overview of what’s happening this week in Tallahassee that could impact you:

Monday, April 1

12pm: House PreK-12 Appropriations Committee took up  HB7095. This is the bill that expands Schools of Hope to federal “Opportunity Zones.” This could lead to a massive expansion of charter schools. The bill has one more stop in the House Education Committee. We’ll let you know when it’s been placed on the agenda.

4pm: Senate Judiciary takes up SB 7096. This bill would make it harder for citizens’ initiatives amend Florida’s Constitution to be placed on the ballot by placing restrictions on them that would not be placed on amendments placed on the ballot by the Legislature.

Tuesday, April 2

10am: Senate Education Committee will hear almost a dozen bills. The one we’ll be watching most closely is SB 1296 which requires Florida’s universities to survey students, faculty, and administration with regards to “intellectual freedom.”

3:30pm: House Appropriations Committee will take up HB 1197 which would allow for state universities to serve as an authorizer for charter schools.

Wednesday, April 3

10am: The Senate will be in session and will be discussing their proposed budget.

1:30pm: The House will be in session and will discuss many bills including three would have a major impact on public education HB 7075—the Family Empowerment Voucher bill, HB 7093 the school safety bill, and HB 5001 the proposed budget.

Thursday, April 4

1:30pm: The House will be in session. They will likely vote on the bills that were discussed the previous day.


You can watch these meetings live or steam them at your convenience at The Florida Channel. Of course, we’ll provide a full recap of the week in the Frontline.