Take Action: Stop the uncontrolled for-profit charter growth

HB 5105 will take hundreds of millions of dollars away from our struggling public schools and hand it over to for-profit charter operators. The bill also further erodes professional teaching certification. Our students deserve better!

Enter your address below to tell your House member to oppose this handout to the corporate charter industry by VOTING NO on HB 5105.

After you call your House member, please call your Senator and tell him/her not to pass ANY bill — not the budget, not a conforming bill, not even the gaming bill — that contain provisions that advance the untested corporate charter takeover.

Florida lawmakers continue to pay lip service when it comes to giving students the education they deserve. Our students are being shortchanged at the expense of private voucher schemes and the corporate charter industry. This bill:

  • Gives for-profit charter operators a $200 million slush fund,
  • Exempts them from ALL TEACHER CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS. Under this bill ‘teachers’ in these schools don’t need a degree, certification, content knowledge or even a high school diploma. Heck, they don’t even need to be 18 years of age! These schools can put ANYBODY that passes a background check in front of a classroom.
  • And just in case anything goes wrong, this bill exempts these for profit operators from liability to protect their stockholders in the event that an adult – or God forbid, a child– suffers “personal injury or death” as a result of their negligence.
  • Give them federal funds that are supposed to go to local schools
  • Forces districts to give them public school buildings AND then requires the school district to maintain them.
  • Exempts these operators from school building codes, taxes, fees and assessments and state procurement laws.
  • Exempts them from the current charter law and requirements that they close if they fail.
  • Exempts them from the class size limits in our constitution.